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Our AI-powered platform instantly transforms your product ideas into flawless software specifications, preventing costly errors and delays.

Gluecharm from idea to technical specifications

The Perfect Platform for Busy Product Teams

70% of product teams fail because of unclear requirements and internal conflicts. With Gluecharm, your team will not be one of them!

Why Use It

For Product Owners, Business Analysts and Developers

  • <1 minute

    Create 10x faster comprehensive specifications of your idea as features, users, use cases, user stories and more.

  • 85% automation

    Use AI tailored suggestions and automation to speed up work, and only use your team to refine and improve.

  • >$93k ROI

    Enjoy enhanced clarity and productivity in your team, by streamlining communication and reducing errors.

How It Works

The easiest and fastest way to turn requirements into technical specifications 

  • 1

    Describe your idea to our AI

    Explain in simple terms the product idea or feature idea you want to scope. Our AI will take care of researching the context, problems and solutions for you!

    Gluecharm product idea description
  • 2

    Work faster and collaborate more

    Generate 10x faster multiple specifications with our AI, and collaborate better with your team to refine them:

    • Product Brief / Feature Brief
    • Features
    • Users
    • Use Cases
    • Scenarios
    • Front-end Diagrams
    • Back-end Diagrams
    • Data Types
    • Microservices
    Gluecharm technical specifications created by ai
  • 3

    Create and export effortlessly

    Work within the platform and when needed quickly export your documentation in multiple ways: 

    • CSV
    • Excel
    • PDF
    • HTML
    • Jira
    • Custom requests
    Gluecharm export technical specifications created by ai

What People Say

Bringing clarity, speed and alignment to product teams

  • "What sets Gluecharm apart is the possibility to directly involve the Product Owners, allowing them to actively participate in the development process. The use-case driven design ensures that every aspect of the business process is taken into consideration, resulting in a detailed solution that perfectly aligns with the business needs."

    Taufiq Rinawi, Business Analyst
  • "Gluecharm stands out as a tool that weaves Agile principles and practices into its fabric, making it an invaluable asset for any team aiming to amplify productivity and impact. Also, its visually-oriented approach accelerates the development process, and enables efficient iterations."

    O. Perez, Agile Coach
  • "The visibility that Gluecharm provides over the use cases and the application services is astonishing. This has allowed us to streamline the conversations between developers and the Product Owners."

    Nicolas Gonzalez Flores, Senior Developer


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