AI teammates for Agile Development Teams

Experience a tenfold boost in development speed and clarity as our AI teammates augment your agile team's creativity. Simplify and enjoy the documentation process, and expedite refinements for a smoother, more efficient workflow.

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Augment your team with Gluecharm

Boost your team's capacity and drive your software development process leveraging Generative AI. 

  • Gluecharm App Maker

    AI Technical Analyst

    Using AI, proven Event Driven Architecture and microservices design, helps you map your logic flow faster. 

  • Gluecharm Story Maker

    AI User Story Analyst

    Using AI optimized for scoping of work, helps you craft clear and concise user stories with ease.

  • Gluecharm Broker Code Maker

    AI Orchestration Developer

    Auto-generates business flow logic orchestration code for your App Concept Map microservices.

  • Gluecharm Platform Cloud Makerr

    AI DevOps Developer

    One-click creation and deployment of cloud serverless environments. Gitlab & AWS Integration.

  • Gluecharm Service Code Maker

    AI Service Developer

    Generates the serverless service skelethon, infrastructure, mocks, payload contract code in minutes. 

What people say about Gluecharm

  • "Gluecharm stands out as a tool that weaves Agile principles and practices into its fabric, making it an invaluable asset for any team aiming to amplify productivity and impact

    Its visually-oriented approach, centered around use cases, markedly accelerates the development process, enabling swift and efficient iterations. 

    Its automated code generation ensures consistency and expedites delivery, allowing developers to focus on those tasks where they can generate more value."

    O. Perez, Agile Coach
  • "I have been developing microservices for several years, and the visibility that Gluecharm provides over the use cases and application services is astonishing. 

    This has allowed us to streamline the conversations between developers and the project's Product Owners."

    Nicolas Gonzalez Flores, Senior Developer
  • "Gluecharm is a remarkable framework, that can truly transform the way specifications are created. The use-case driven design ensures that every aspect of the business process is taken into consideration, resulting in a detailed solution that perfectly aligns with the business needs.

    What sets Gluecharm apart is the possibility to directly involve the business owners, allowing them to actively participate in the development process. 

    Gluecharm offers a comprehensive solution that takes care of all aspects of the development process. It is a true game-changer and a testament to the ingenuity of its creators."

    Taufiq Rinawi, Business Analyst

Gluecharm Team

We've designed Gluecharm to rapidly create, change and scale complex applications.

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    J. Cantón
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    G. Famà
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    E. Lera
    Head of BackEnd
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    A. Claver
    Head of FrontEnd
Gluecharm Idea Story

The story of Gluecharm

"Reflecting on our journey, the inception of Gluecharm was born out of a recurring necessity. We found ourselves repeating the same work in every project, a cycle that was not only redundant but also hindered our progress. 

We yearned for a solution, a way to streamline our efforts and maximize our productivity. This led us to the concept of Gluecharm, an architecture that would not only facilitate the learning process but also foster the evolution of the applications we were building. 

Our pursuit was not just about creating a tool, but about transforming the way we approach development, making it more efficient, intuitive, and effective. Let's not build crap. Quality please."

X.Alabart, Co-founder & CEO

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