Build your scalable app faster with an App Dev Assistant

Accelerate Your Development by Over 25% 

  • AI-Powered Design: Use Cases with Intelligent Guidance.
  • Code Only the Essentials: Events, process workflow and Infrastructure code auto-generated.
  • Effortless Deployment: Version Control & 2-Click Delivery
  • Full Code Ownership: Your Code.
  • Scale up: Leverage the simplicity of serverless
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25% faster start app development with AI-guided Use Cases. Auto-generated code and seamless deployment

Accelerate your app design with

  • App Modeler

    • Use Case AI-Enhanced Creation
    • Visual Use Case Design
    • Organized Information
    • Complexity Assessment Index
    • Dependency Mapping
  • Code Generators

    • Speeds Dev Process
    • Maintains Uniform Coding
    • Reduces Errors
    • Clear Communication Code
    • Automated Infrastructure Setup
    • Own your code
  • App Platform Engineering

    • Effortless Version Control
    • Orchestration Comparison
    • Instant Enviroment Setup
    • Efficient Enviroment Teardown
    • Simplified Deployment
    • Automated CI/CD Setup

Gluecharm Savings Calculator

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10X Faster Use Case Design.

App Workflow Modeler

  • Getting started (7)

    Use Case AI Creator

    The Use Case AI Creator is an AI-powered feature that assists users in generating potential use cases based on provided inputs such as requirements, user roles, and expected interactions. This accelerates the initial phase of use case creation.

  • Getting started (2)

    Use Case Visual Editor

    This feature allows users to design and define use cases using visual diagrams. Instead of relying solely on textual descriptions, users can create diagrams to illustrate how various parts of the application interact. 

  • Getting started (8)

    Actors, Service and Use Case Catalogs

    Glucharm includes catalogs that store information about actors (user roles), services (functional serverless functions, and use cases. These catalogs aid in organizing and documenting the various elements of the application's architecture.. 

  • Getting started (9)

    Use Case Complexity Index

    The application includes a complexity scoring system that quantifies the complexity of each use case. This index considers factors like the number of decision points, branches, and steps within a use case. It helps stakeholders understand the relative intricacies of different use cases.. 

  • Getting started (10)

    Mapping & Dependencies

    This capability highlights which services are used by each use case, showing how components interact and depend on services.

    And vice versa, this feature reveals which use cases rely on specific services, aiding in understanding service significance and impact.

Craft, Refine, Succeed: Visual Use Cases in a blitz with Gluecharm.

Accelerate your development auto-generate Code from visual Use Cases.

Code Generators

  • Getting started (6)

    Automate Code Generation

    When a business logic change is detected, click the "Generate" button to obtain:

    • Local Enviroment for Development Code
    • Orchestraction Code
    • Infraestructure Code
    • Micro-Service Contract
    • Front-End Skeletton
    • Back-End Skeletton

With two clicks release your gluecharm kickstarted app to the cloud.

Platform Engineering

  • Getting started (5)

    Application Version Management

    Effortless Application Version Tracking: Maintain a comprehensive record of all your application versions by using a single shared tag across all repositories.

    Easily compare use case business logic between current and old versions, gaining insights into the evolution of each version.

    • Automatic tag version in all repositories
    • Current and Old Version Navigation.
  • Images for the web gluecharm

    Cloud Environments

    The "Environments Management" feature within the Gluecharm Platform Engineering streamlines the process of creating and handling development environments. Seamlessly integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS), this feature ensures effortless environment setup and teardown, allowing developers to efficiently create and remove environment

  • Getting started (3)

    Deployment Management

    Using an easy to use interface you select the version you want to deploy and the enviroment into which you want to sent it and just click. Whole Application 

What people say about Gluecharm

"Gluecharm stands out as a tool that weaves Agile principles and practices into its fabric, making it an invaluable asset for any team aiming to amplify productivity and impact. Its visually-oriented approach, centered around use cases, markedly accelerates the development process, enabling swift and efficient iterations. Its automated code generation ensures consistency and expedites delivery, allowing developers to focus on those tasks where they can generate more value."

Spain, Barcelona

O. Perez, Agile Coach

"I have been developing microservices for several years, and the visibility that Gluecharm provides over the use cases and application services is astonishing. This has allowed us to streamline the conversations between developers and the project's Product Owners."

USA, Dallas.

Nicolas Gonzalez Flores (Senior Developer)
  • "Gluecharm is a remarkable framework, that can truly transform the way specifications are created. The use-case driven design ensures that every aspect of the business process is taken into consideration, resulting in a detailed solution that perfectly aligns with the business needs. What sets Gluecharm apart is the possibility to directly involve the business owners, allowing them to actively participate in the development process and provide valuable insights along the way. 

    The framework's similarity to existing concepts, such as BPMN, has been instrumental in comprehending the setup and development approach, making the transition smooth and intuitive. Of course, Gluecharm goes beyond just providing a conceptual framework, as it offers a comprehensive solution that takes care of all aspects of the development process. It is a true game-changer and a testament to the ingenuity of its creators."

    Switzerland, Zug

    Taufiq Rinawi (Business Analyst)

Gluecharm Team

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  • 1517564976991 canton
    J. Cantón
  • 1517380495235 lera
    E. Lera
    Head of BackEnd
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    A. Claver
    Head of FrontEnd

Our Story

  • "Reflecting on our journey, the inception of Gluecharm was born out of a recurring necessity. We found ourselves repeating the same work in every project, a cycle that was not only redundant but also hindered our progress. We yearned for a solution, a way to streamline our efforts and maximize our productivity. This led us to the concept of Gluecharm. We envisioned an architecture that would not only facilitate the learning process but also foster the evolution of the applications we were building. Our pursuit was not just about creating a tool, but about transforming the way we approach development, making it more efficient, more intuitive, and ultimately, more effective. Lets not build crap. Quality Please.

    X.Alabart, Co-founder & CEO
Runs on Unicorn Platform