From vision to specs in minutes, not weeks

Define, design and document your ideas with precision and speed with your AI Product Analyst.

Gluecharm AI Product Analyst

How It Works

  • 1

    Explore with your AI teammate

    Get specialized assistance while exploring an idea or building an application. Instantly get tailored suggestions on:

    • Idea/App vision
    • Functionalities
    • Users
    • Use Cases
    • Diagrams and more
    Explore with your AI teammate
  • 2

    Map your idea in tech specs

    Translate your thoughts in a technical map of your application with all the elements correctly identified and connected:

    • Users 
    • Use Cases
    • Services
    • Events
    Create and detail a use case with process, pre-conditions, post-conditions
  • 3

    Create user stories

    In a click, convert your use cases in complete and precise user stories that help your development team plan and prioritise the work. You can also export the user stories in different formats.

    Create user stories
  • 4

    Decide your next steps

    Based on the stage of exploration of your idea or application, your AI teammate will help you identify the best MVP option or provide you with quotes for building.

    Decide your next steps

Accelerate your idea development

  • Intuitive AI Mapping

    Get specialized assistance while defining and mapping your idea or application, minimizing team misalignments.

  • Efficient AI STORY WRITING

    Enable your tech team to implement your vision with fewer errors by writing complete and precise user stories.

  • Automated documentation

    Document as you write and design flows, saving time on dull tasks and increasing productivity and innovation.

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