Your AI Technical Teammate

For Innovators, Product Owners and Business Analysts

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Work faster with your AI Teammate

Perfect for Innovators, Product Owners, Business Analysts and their tech teams

  • describe your idea
  • suggestions generated by AI teammate
  • diagrams generated by AI teammate
  • Describe your idea

    Write down your idea like you're telling a friend

  • Work smart

    The AI teammate generates tailored suggestions

  • Get things done fast

    Define users, use cases and more at the speed of light!

Work better with your tech team

  • Quality Assurance

    Create well-defined use cases, diagrams and user stories, providing clarity when discussing with your development team.

  • Cost efficiency

    Minimize ambiguities, rework, and miscommunications, ensuring a more cost-efficient development process.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Get comprehensive documentation to reduce ambiguities and implementation risks.

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