Gluecharm is your solution for Agile Software Development Teams

Gluecharm Suite is the ultimate companion for your Software Development Cycle. It provides everything you need to create high-quality applications, empowering both product managers and developers.

  • Experience streamlined and efficient documentation with the Use Case Maker.
  • Achieve faster and more reliable code with code autogeneration.
  • Simplify provision and deployment through a user-friendly UI.
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Gluecharm Features

  • App Workflow Modeler

    • Use Case AI Creator
    • Use Case Visual Editor
    • Actors, Service and Use Case Catalogs
    • Use Case Complexity Index
    • Use Case to Service Mapping (Usage)
    • Service to Use Case Mapping (Dependencies)
  • Code Generators

    • Orchestration Code Generator (Smart Broker)
    • Infraestructure Code Generator (Terraform & Serverless)
    • Front to Back Contract Code Generator (Sockets & Gateway)
    • Microservice to Microservice Code Generator (Automatic Events)
    • 1-Click Vue.Js FrontEnd Skeleton Generator
    • 1-Click Golang BackEnd Skeleton Generator
    • 1-Click PHP BackEnd Skeleton Generator
  • App Platform Engineering

    • 1-Click App Version Control
    • Orchestration Version Comparison
    • 2-Click Enviroment Creation
    • 2-Click Enviroment Destruction
    • 2-Click Deployment
    • AWS Integration
    • Gitlab Integration
    • CI/CD Generator
    • Local Docker Environment

App Workflow Modeler

  • Getting started (7)

    Use Case AI Creator

    The Use Case AI Creator is an AI-powered feature that assists users in generating potential use cases based on provided inputs such as requirements, user roles, and expected interactions. This accelerates the initial phase of use case creation.

  • Getting started (2)

    Use Case Visual Editor

    This feature allows users to design and define use cases using visual diagrams. Instead of relying solely on textual descriptions, users can create diagrams to illustrate how various parts of the application interact. 

  • Getting started (8)

    Actors, Service and Use Case Catalogs

    Glucharm includes catalogs that store information about actors (user roles), services (functional serverless functions, and use cases. These catalogs aid in organizing and documenting the various elements of the application's architecture.. 

  • Getting started (9)

    Use Case Complexity Index

    The application includes a complexity scoring system that quantifies the complexity of each use case. This index considers factors like the number of decision points, branches, and steps within a use case. It helps stakeholders understand the relative intricacies of different use cases.. 

  • Getting started (10)

    Mapping & Dependencies

    This capability highlights which services are used by each use case, showing how components interact and depend on services.

    And vice versa, this feature reveals which use cases rely on specific services, aiding in understanding service significance and impact.

  • Visual Workflows

    Using a visual design approach focused on use cases enables stakeholders to align more quickly and accurately.

  • Code Generation

    Once the design is finalized, Gluecharm's automated engines spring into action to generate the necessary infrastructure, broker, and orchestration code.

  • Seamless CI/CD

    With Gluecharm, setting up your CI/CD pipelines, creating environments, and versioning applications becomes a hassle-free task.

  • Scalable Design

    Gluecharm's serverless Event Driven Architecture ensures high scalability and adaptability.

  • Invisible Broker

    Gluecharm unburdens developers from the complexities of managing queue systems. It enables them to concentrate on developing use case flows, increasing productivity and enhancing the overall development process.

  • Functional SDK

    Gluecharm provides a communication SDK, allowing developers to focus their efforts on crafting serverless functions

  • Use Case Catalog

    The Catalog of Use Cases outlines different scenarios that the application aims to address. It serves as a guide for the team, helping them understand the business logic and the expected behavior of the application.

  • Service Catalog

    The Catalog of services provides a detailed list of all the services and microservices within an application. This serves as a valuable resource for developers, enabling them to understand the modular components of the application.

  • Message Catalog

    The Application Messages/Events Catalog is a repository of messages or events used by an application. This is crucial for developers working with event-driven architecture, helping them to comprehend data flow, design orchestration flows.

  • Save time Auto-Generating

    • Orchestration Code
    • Infraestructure Code
    • Front-End to Back-End Communication/Contract Code
    • Microservice Communication/Contract Back-End Code
  • Simplify DevOps Operations

    • 2-Click Environment Creation
    • 1-Click Version Creation
    • 2-Click Deployment
    • Application Version Navigation
  • Skeletons Out of the Box

    • Vue.js Skeleton
    • Go Lang Skeleton
    • PHP Symphony Skeleton

Loved by Developers for its flexibility

On the other hand, developers appreciate GlueCharm Studio for its ability to streamline their coding efforts. With the auto-generation feature, GlueCharm Studio takes care of the foundational code, including complex orchestration, micro-service SDKs, and infrastructure. This saves developers significant time and cognitive energy that would otherwise be spent on repetitive and mundane coding tasks. Instead, they can focus their skills and expertise on coding the right services and fine-tuning the application's functionality, resulting in higher-quality code and faster development cycles.


Build for the best Product Managers

For product managers, GlueCharm Studio offers the freedom to build applications around specific use cases. The intuitive no-code interface allows them to easily define complex business logic and workflows without relying on technical expertise. This empowers product managers to take a more hands-on approach in shaping the application's functionality, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with the intended use case.

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Visual Business Logic Modeler

Introducing the No-Code Business Case Visual Diagram Modeler of GlueCharm Studio – an essential tool that drives business agility and empowers your team to bring ideas to life. With our intuitive visual diagram modeler, you can effortlessly map out and design complex business processes, workflows, and use cases without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Seamlessly translate your vision into actionable diagrams that act as a blueprint for your application development journey.

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Use Case Catalog

Discover the Benefits of an Always Updated View of Use Cases with GlueCharm Studio. Experience a paradigm shift in application development where the documentation is seamlessly integrated into the development flow. With GlueCharm Studio, updating use cases is not just a task, but an essential part of the process to auto-generate code, eliminating the risk of outdated or forgotten documentation.

Use cases list

Service Catalog

The GlueCharm Service Catalog View is a game-changer when it comes to organizing and understanding your application. With this powerful feature, you can have all the essential information at your fingertips, neatly organized in one centralized location. Gone are the days of sifting through scattered documentation and trying to make sense of complex dependencies.

Services gluecharm

Code Auto-Generation

GlueCharm's Auto-Generation of Code takes the efficiency and productivity of your development process to new heights. By automating the creation of basic architecture code, including business orchestration and infrastructure, GlueCharm frees up your precious time and cognitive energy. Developers can now focus on the more complex and critical aspects of their work, knowing that the foundational code is generated automatically.

Code generator

Deploy Manager

GlueCharm's Deployment Management feature provides a centralized platform for managing the deployment of your applications. It allows you to effortlessly orchestrate the deployment process, from configuring your environments to monitoring the deployment progress. With a few clicks, you can take control of the entire release cycle and eliminate the headaches associated with manual deployment.

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  • Use cases list
  • Use cases by actor
  • Services gluecharm
  • Mesages gluecharm

Best Practices

Enhance your stack with proven approaches

  • Nanoservices / Microservices
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Serverless Functions
  • Excellent performance and velocity
  • Transparent Scale
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Full Code Provided

GlueCharm enables you to code the nanoservice function in your favorite language, whether is

  • Golang
  • PHP (Comming soon)
  • Python (Comming soon)
  • Java (Comming soon)
  • Javascript/NodeJS (Comming soon)

With GlueCharm, you will have the full power of creating a architecthture code and yet not suffer from vendor lock-in.

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AWS and GITLAB Ready

Use the tools and providers that you already know. GlueCharm is ready to be integrated with the tools that you already use.

  • AWS Amazon
  • Gitlab
Gitlab aws
Runs on Unicorn Platform