Gluecharm for Transitioning to Microservices

The journey from monolithic architectures to microservices is a pivotal step for companies aiming to enhance scalability, flexibility, and speed of deployment. 

This transition, however, presents significant challenges, including complexity in conceptualizing the new architecture and ensuring a smooth migration. 

Gluecharm's AI teammates emerge as vital tools in this modernization process.

  • 1
    AI Product Analyst

    This AI teammate is designed to assist in conceptualizing and mapping out an application and scoping work, including the writing of user stories.

  • 2
    AI Technical Analyst

    This AI teammate is optimized for detailing use cases and crafting front-end and back-end diagrams to support the development of microservices. 

Mapping the needs faster

For teams aiming to modernize their architecture without losing the knowledge

  • Visualizing the Transition

    Allows teams to create visual representations of both current and future states of the application, making it easier to identify logical segments for microservices extraction.

  • Planning Incremental Migration

    Helps plan the incremental migration by allowing teams to map out dependencies, prioritize services based on complexity and business value, and design the interaction flows.

  • Leveraging EDA for Microservices

    Guides teams in integrating EDA principles into their microservices design, ensuring a robust, scalable, and efficient architecture that can adapt to varying loads and functionalities.

Creating cases and stories faster

For teams aiming to move faster when transitioning

  • Defining Microservice Boundaries

    Helps teams define the scope of each microservice by creating user stories that capture the specific responsibilities and outcomes, ensuring that services are cohesive and independently deployable.


  • Facilitating Agile Development

    Enables teams to craft user stories that fit into agile sprints, allowing for rapid iteration and feedback loops. This is critical in addressing challenges and refining as the transition progresses.

  • Enhanced Communication

    Enhances communication by providing a clear, shared language for defining work and expectations, thereby facilitating collaboration between developers, operations, and business stakeholders.

Accelerate your Modernization

Combining Gluecharm's AI teammates provides a comprehensive approach to navigating the complex process of modernization. 

From strategically planning the decomposition of monolithic applications into microservices, to clearly defining the functionality and boundaries of each microservice, Gluecharm's solutions are indispensable tools for companies embarking on the journey from monolithic architectures to microservices. 

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