Partnership Program


At Gluecharm, we believe in empowering companies to revolutionize the way they build serverless applications. That's why we're introducing the Gluecharm Partnership Program - a unique opportunity for your company to leverage our innovative application development platform, gain exclusive benefits, and work together to deliver exceptional value to your customers.

Partnership Categories:

  1. Solution Partners: Perfect for software development firms, digital transformation agencies, IT consulting firms, and Managed Service Providers. Develop and deliver bespoke solutions built on Gluecharm to meet your customers' specific needs.
  2. Technology Partners: Ideal for cloud service providers, DevOps tool companies, and independent software vendors. Integrate your technology with Gluecharm to enhance your product offerings and provide a seamless experience for customers.
  3. Reseller Partners: Suited for companies that want to expand their portfolio by reselling Gluecharm as part of their larger service package.
  4. Educational Partners: Geared towards EdTech companies or institutions who want to leverage Gluecharm as an effective learning tool in their software development curriculum.
  5. Strategic Partners: Aimed at high-volume tech startups and enterprise software companies. This partnership fosters co-innovation, use-case development, and scalability testing with Gluecharm.

Key Benefits of the Gluecharm Partnership Program:

  1. Technology Advantage: Leverage Gluecharm's cutting-edge backend application development platform to create, manage, and deploy serverless applications with ease and efficiency.
  2. Training & Support: Gain access to comprehensive training, technical documentation, and dedicated support to ensure you maximize the benefits of Gluecharm.
  3. Business Growth: Expand your business offerings, improve your competitive edge, and generate new revenue streams by integrating, reselling, or building on Gluecharm.
  4. Innovation: Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging Gluecharm’s no-code and code-generation capabilities, active broker system, and efficient DevOps features.
  5. Marketing Support: Collaborate on joint marketing initiatives, gain access to co-branded resources, and increase visibility through our partner directory.
  6. Community: Join an ecosystem of innovative companies leveraging Gluecharm. Share insights, learn from peers, and collaborate to address common challenges.

By partnering with Gluecharm, you're not just joining a program, you're joining a revolution in serverless application development. Let's reshape the future of application development together.

Ready to explore the power of partnership with Gluecharm? Let's start the conversation. Reach out to us at subject: partnership

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