Our Team

We're experienced technologists, excited about the potential of AI to connect ideas and product development.

  • X Alabart
  • G Fama
    G. Famà
  • A Claver
    A. Claver
    Head of Front-End
  • C Guirao
    C. Guirao
    Head of Back-end

Why use Gluecharm

For innovators and product teams.

  • Start easily with an idea

    • Jumpstart with AI assistance
    • Overcome writer's blocks
    • Scale with smart guidance
  • Bring teams together

    • Standardize team language
    • Harmonize workflows
    • Minimize errors
  • Speed up with auto-docs

    • Cut manual documentation
    • Get structured documents
    • Shift focus to innovation

Our blog

We write about product development and AI

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